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  Great American Lines, Inc. (GALI)

5 Becker Farm Road, Roseland, NJ 07068, Phone: 973-740-0740, Email: gali@galinj.com



Our Mission: The Security of Your Cargo is our Prime Concern

The safe delivery of the cargoes with which we are entrusted is as important to Great American Lines (GALI) as it is to the owners of the cargo.  Our reputation and our continued growth depend upon our consistent success in the safe delivery of automobiles we carry.

We ensure that every cargo receives the appropriate care and attention at each stage of the shipping process - loading, on board carriage, and discharging.  We have safely transported several hundred thousand of cars, setting records for low damage percentages.  It is our policy, whenever possible, to have one of our cargo management specialists present on the scene at the load point.  He ensures that the cargo is loaded with care and speed, and that the cargo is properly stowed for the safest possible sea voyage.  In addition, our ship's officers are thoroughly instructed with regard to any special care that might be required at sea.  To complete the circle, discharging is supervised by another GALI expert working smoothly with our consignees to insure a perfect outturn.

Last Reviewed: August 12, 2019