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  Great American Lines, Inc. (GALI)

5 Becker Farm Road Suite 401, Roseland, NJ 07068, Phone: 973-740-0740, Email: gali@galinj.com


About Us:

Great American Lines, Inc. (GALI) is a global leader in the marine transportation industry with a proven performance record providing ocean transportation of automobiles.

Since it was established in 1978, GALI has provided both foreign and domestic shippers with highly efficient, reliable ships for moving their goods to their respective overseas markets.

Our management team maintains standards of attention to the needs of our customers and concern for the safety of their cargoes that are unequalled in the industry.

Our network of executive representatives makes it possible to put a man on the scene anywhere in the world in a very short time who can take immediate action on behalf of the company and our customers.

The GALI Management Team:

Great American Lines, an American corporation, was formed in 1978 as a result of the forethought of two businessmen determined to promote trade between Japan and the United States.  With a vehicle carriage contract and experience handling refrigerated cargoes, GALI successfully provided service to a major Japanese car manufacturing company and the leading fresh produce communities in the USA and Japan on our first vessel (M/V Sunbelt Dixie) from 1978 to 2002 and thereafter on our second vessel (M/V Sunbelt Spirit) from 2002 until 2011. 

In 40+ years of service, GALI vessels have carried hundreds of thousands of Toyota and Lexus vehicles from Japan to the USA and Canada and other cargoes as opportunities allowed.   

In short, the achievements of the company have exceeded the objectives of the creators of GALI.  Since their formation in 1978 GALI has demonstrated financial and service successes.

Last Reviewed: December 20, 2023